I can’t believe it’s February already. 2018 seems to be flying… and so am I… to Africa, where I start the first leg of the 2018 Cerini Challenge. I know I bother you about this every year, and I’m sure that most of you are tired of hearing from me, but sorry, until we unlock the mysteries of the lymphatic system, find a cure for Lymphedema, and help those struggling with Lymphatic disorders, I will continue to push myself to climb stuff, and you to donate.

The first phase of the Cerini Challenge starts on February 20th, when I start my trek up the Umbwe Route of Kilimanjaro.  This is the least traveled, steepest, and most difficult route up this more than 19,000 foot mountain (the tallest peak in Africa).  I will be traveling through rainforests, sleeping in caves, and pushing myself to reach the summit in 4 ½ days.  I figured, if I’m asking you to donate big, I need to go big.  This will be the highest I have ever been.

Please click the donate now button and support me on my trip.  You might as well do it now, because I will be taking other trips this year and I will keep pestering you until you do.  In addition, this will probably be the coolest trip I take, so why not give at a high point.

Thank you for your continued support of LE&RN, and thanks for making a difference in the lives of people.



*Update 2/12/18 I am currently in Cape Town, South Africa and I did a warm-up climb up Table Mountain.

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    George and Agapi Karapistolis

    $500.00 / 10 days ago

    Good Luck & Be Careful!!!! The Karapistolis Family

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    Glenn Tyranski

    $100.00 / 10 days ago

    Good luck Ken, safe travels. Glenn

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    Igor Feldman

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    Frank Orzo

    $100.00 / 11 days ago

    Ken: Good luck and thank you for what you are doing to help find a cure!

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    Amy Zaslansky

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    Rob and Jean Kelly-Kammerer

    $250.00 / 11 days ago

    Wishing you all the best on every step! Please be careful and know you are inspiring everyone to do more and climb higher each and every day! Be well. Be peace. Be love.

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    Linda Berman

    $25.00 / 11 days ago

    Best of luck completing your amazing challenge, Ken! You can do it!!!

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    Carol LoCascio

    $100.00 / 11 days ago

    Hey Ken, My good friend has lymphoma . Terrible. Your trip sounds exciting and somewhat dangerous so take all care. Best, Carol LoCascio

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    Jeannette Corey

    $50.00 / 11 days ago

    Go, Ken. You are an example to us all!

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